"KONEKESKO LATVIJA", Ltd, Riga trade center

"KONEKESKO LATVIJA", Ltd, Riga trade center

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  • Office+371 67064300
    Equipment sale KUBOTA, KOBELCO, GROVE - Gunārs Pētersons+371 26412668
    Equipment sale PONSSE - Gints Freidenfelds+371 29165500
    Equipment sale STILL - Gints Freidenfelds+371 29165500
    Equipment sale STILL - Mārtiņš Zinkevičs+371 27898884
    Equipment sale ATLAS COPCO, SENNEBOGEN - Nauris Lūcis+371 27897892
    Spare parts sale+371 27897896
    Spare parts sale+371 67064300
    Service maintenance and repair notification+371 8558
    Ltd. Konekesko Latvija is engaged in agricultural, construction, communal and forestry equipment sale, ensuring a complete service in all regions of Latvia.
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    • Mon900-1700
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    Construction machinery rental, Road construction equipment, Ponsse.
    Forest equipment, Excavators, Warehouse equipment, STILL.
    STILL loaders. STILL forklift. Agriculture, Tractors: Claas, Harvesters:
    Claas, Plows. Lemken. Seeding-machine. Lawn mowers. Round balers, bale
    wrappers. Hydraulic manipulators, (hydromanipulator) Sprayers, (sprayer)
    Fertiliser spreader, (spreaders) STILL loaders, lorry loaders. Service,
    spare parts, u. c. Construction, forestry and communal machinery. Construction
    machinery: excavator, loader, bulldozer, grader, autocrane, hoist,
    Kubota, Grove. Forest machinery, forwarder, harvester, Ponsse. Communal
    equipment, tractors, lawn mowers. Kubota road construction machinery
    - road rollers, milling machines and asphalt pavers, Dynapac. Service,
    spare parts. STILL. SENNEBOGEN equipment, cranes, taps, lifts. DYNAPAC
    - ATLAS COPCO. Port equipment. Guarantee service. Machinery rental.
    Construction machinery rental, rent. Asphalt paver, loader rental.
    Ltd. Konekesko Latvia offer includes: Agricultural machinery - new
    and used. Grain combines, tractors, soil processing machines, seeding-machine,
    sprayers, mineral fertilizer spreaders, plows, cultivators, disc harrows,
    trailers, chippers, forage preparation equipment, Claas, Lemken, Hardi,
    Bogballe, Umega u. c) loaders, equipment for uncultivated area and
    ditch care - lawn mowers, presses, swathers, spreaders, trailers, self-propelled
    choppers. c. Construction equipment - new and used, lift-trucks, bulldozers,
    motor cranes, crawler excavators, wheel excavators, mini excavators,
    excavators - loaders, graders, mini dumpers etc.. c. (Kobelco, Kobelco,
    Kubota, Grove) Forestry equipment - new and used, harvesters, forwarders,
    excavators with harvester head, Ponsse) Communal and area cleaning
    equipment - mini-tractors, self-propelled mowers, (Kubota). We also
    offer construction equipment rental, as well as agricultural, construction,
    communal and logging equipment service and spare parts. PONNSE Forestry
    equipment sale. Forestry equipment sale. New and used forestry equipment
    sale. Forest technology new, used. Warehouse equipment, warehouse equipment.
    Forestry machinery PONSSE. Pallet loading equipment. Warehouse equipment.
    STILL warehouse forklift Electric loaders. Forklift trucks with internal
    combustion engine. Diesel forklifts. Warehouse forklifts. Loaders with
    platform. Towing tractors. Used forklifts. Manually operated pallet
    truck. Manually operated pallet truck with a low elevation. Order pickers.
    Order picking - car stackers High lift stackers. Road construction
    equipment. Atlas Copco crawler asphalt pavers; Atlas Copco wheel asphalt
    pavers; Dynapac asphalt pavers. Asphalt pavers. Road construction rollers.
    Road roller. Road roll. Atlas Copco two roller vibratory roller. Dynapac
    two roller asphalt vibratory roller. Atlas Copco bottom rollers. Combined
    asphalt rollers. Atlas Copco static load rollers. Firewood splitters
    Hakki Pilke. Firewood splitters sale. Muthing lawn shredder mower MU-
    Kubota RTV conveyors for farms and utility companies.